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Why men prefer leather wallets


Krenig.shop is presenting natural leather wallets for mens’ with an exclusive design that will satisfy the most demanding gentlemen. Most men prefer to buy quality products, this is a proven feature in countless statistics. Krenig offers a wide range of leather wallets for men who appreciate quality, men who want to keep up with the latest fashion trends. As a gift idea, a man will never refuse a quality leather wallet. Elegant and stylish wallets in our store are created with great care, made with premium materials because we want our products to represent us. We encourage our clients to tell us about our products on our Facebook page where you can see reviews and last-minute deals and discounts:



How do you differentiate a natural leather wallet from an organic leather wallet?

We want to emphasize that in our shop you will find only genuine leather wallets. Which is why I choosing to use premium leather for krenig wallets? Because the natural skin is one of the best materials, it has strength and elegance.

In recent years, many wallets of synthetic leather have appeared on the market, and because of its processing technology. It is very difficult to differentiate between synthetic and natural leather.

To differentiate between natural and synthetic skin, we’ve listed some details that will help you make the right choice when you buy leather products and accessories:

  1. – Natural skin has a specific smell different from that of synthetic skin (synthetic skin smells of chemicals – glue)
  2. – Natural skin has a surface appearance defined by fine lines and pores
  3. – On the back, the natural skin has a rough appearance, while the synthetic skin has a textile look
  4. – Synthetic skin is lighter if you give it fire than natural skin
  5. – Natural skin has the property of absorbing water while synthetic leather does not absorb water
  6. – Synthetic leather has perfect edges, natural skin has irregularities on the edges


How do you maintain a natural leather wallet?

The wallet is a man’s business card, therefore it requires attention when you clean it, even if it is resistant, scratches or scratches and even dirt.

  1. – Even if a leather wallet will have the stitches and the best quality materials it is recommended to be explicitly used for its role. Do not force too many vouchers and business cards into your wallet compartments, with time widening and damaging.
  2. – the leather portrait does not wash, to properly clean a leather wallet, uses special wipes for natural leather surfaces, or even wet wipes in the trade. Do not rub too hard on the wallet surface when you clean it, to avoid scratching it.

In the future, we will introduce at our store special leather care products, but until then we invite you to explore our range of leather and men’s wallets.

In the future, we will introduce our leather wallet shop and special skin care products, but until then we invite you to explore our range of leather and men’s wallets.