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Picking the right things to look FETCH


Fashion is not just about what you wear but the way you wear it matters as well!

My name is Elizabeth and I have always loved fashion. I first fell in love with it when I was 10 years old, I had a passion for fashion and I was not about to be stopped.


Picking the right outfit.


We know there are different body types and they matter, just because something is in fashion does not mean you have to wear it. Wear what looks good on you! I would never recommend that someone with an inverted triangle body shape dress like someone with an hour glass body shape.

You could try to figure out your body shape here.


Picking the right Colour.


Colour matters! Choosing the wrong colour can turn a flattering outfit from magnifico to meh. When choosing an outfit, you have to check your shim undertone. This will help you figure out which colours best suit you. The right colour can also make you look slimmer. With patterns you can make yourself look bigger or smaller in key areas 😉. Vertical stripe, for example, will make you look slimmer and Horizontal stripes will make you look wider.



Picking the brow shape.


Your clothes can look gorgeous and then one little detail can turn the whole thing topsy turvy! Let me just let you know now, your brows matter! They define your face and can help or hurt the symmetry of your face. It is always best to ask a professional to help you trim and shape your eyebrows.

I always suggest asking a professional because your brow shape is determined by the shape of your face. You can read more here.


Picking the right accessories.


Pick the right jewellery for the outfit. Why do you think celebrities hire stylists? It is because one thing can turn your outfit from a Yes to an OMG NO. Just like with make-up, less is more. A simple silver or gold chain can make a bigger impact than a huge necklace with a pendant.


Picking the right wallet.

No, the wallet your mom bought you when you were 13 will not cut it. You better not bring out that old worn wallet with the peeling fake leather. Girl, you need a better wallet. Not just any wallet you need the dream wallet! I could suggest a few name brands but I swear by Krenig wallets.