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How do you choose a quality leather wallet? What materials, compartments, and features must offer the wallet according to your needs?

The best male wallet has been and will always be more than a functional item. It’s an accessory that must be seen as an extension of personality, and a real man will always choose a quality wallet.

Although we live in a digitized era, there are still objects that technology cannot, and should not replace them.

This can also be said about men’s wallets that play a very important role in forming a positive first impression.

Wallet is not just a place to store securities, papers or credit cards. It is an object that will transmit information about you, and if you want to transmit only good information, you need to choose a quality male leather wallet.


Why you should choose a quality wallet?

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, keep in mind that your wallet is an accessory you will use daily. This means that the wallet has to be both visually and resiliently, practically and professionally configured.

If you are aware that a quality wallet will put you in a very good light, you can attract to some extent the respect of others, you will be prepared to pay more for a good leather wallet.


How to choose a quality wallet?

However, a high price does not always indicate the quality, and with the vast offer that exists on the market, it may be difficult to choose the best male wallet for you.

That’s why we encourage you to consult our shopping guide and read Krenig articles to learn to identify a quality wallet.

If you follow our guidance, you can choose the best leather wallet for men and women’s e following important issues. Your shopping experience is the most important for us here at Krenig.shop and we will go an extra mile to always make our customers happy.

Types of men’s wallet:


  ■ Men’s bifold wallet

The bifold wallet is the most popular and is a compromise solution between the other models. The name comes from the fact that it consists of two parts and opens like a book. This model is perfect for men who have an alert lifestyle and prefer to keep their wallet in their pants back pocket.

Generally, this type of wallet has ideal dimensions to be used quickly, has a practical and convenient design, and most importantly, compact.

It is a suitable model for young men aged between 25 and 30, being a practical, elegant and modern model at the same time. It is also a compromise between aspect and utility. It is less compact than a wallet-only, but more compartmentalised, though not very much because more generous compartmentation would increase its volume.

Variations of style exist, the best known being bifold wallets with or without caps. The difference is that the staples want the wallet closed when it is overloaded.


To choose your bifold leather wallet, check our store and compare prices and designs: https://krenig.shop/index.php/product-category/wallet/wallets-for-him/


Trifold men’s wallet:

This wallet model is made up of three parts, and the closing system can be rolled or side-by-side. It is a preferred model for men over 40 years of age who opt for space to the detriment of convenience.

The threefold man’s wallet has the most complex design, its main advantage being that it is very well compartmentalised and very complex. It will allow you to carry with you both money and cards, as well as important acts such as ID, travel cards, etc.

Because it will obviously be more loaded, it cannot be worn in clothes as a bifold wallet. It will only fit into a briefcase or bag.

So, if you are a man who is forced to work or other considerations to wear a bag, this wallet can be quite practical for you. Otherwise, it would be wiser to opt for another type of wallet.

If you want a truly quality male wallet, choose a trifold. And if it is not enough, choose one that, besides the three parts, has an additional part as an additional “drawer”.

Search trifold men wallets at Krenig.shop where you can read reviews and opinions from our customers.


  ■ Travel wallet

It is the most compact wallet version specifically designed to allow quick access to travel documents such as tickets or business cards. Travel leather wallet can be worn as a single wallet, with enough space for money, or as the second wallet, especially for business cards.

It is also a particularly discreet and thin model, and can be worn, without being noticed, in the coat pocket.

As a design, it is taller than previous patterns and closes in two parts. It is similar to a phone case in size and is certainly an accessory that gives the class. Check krenig travel wallets and buy with confidence.


The credit card and wallet with money clips

Another very compact version of the men’s wallet is a wallet for cards. This wallet is either two-sided or with an exceptionally thin accordion. It is the subtle compartment, being especially designed for credit cards.

This type of wallet is the right wallet for men who often work with credit cards and relatively wants to reach them as quick as possible and in an elegant way. Business people generally prefer this type of wallet.

Being a relatively small wallet, easily fits into a coat pocket, with its design, will keep money unfolded, just like a cash machine does.

This is why the money-wallet is a particularly refined model, however you must also take into account your personality or the person you want to gift such a wallet. Not everyone trusts the idea of seeing all their money in the wallet when it’s open.

The material indicates the quality level and that’s why we at Krenig.shop we are proud to present you a wide variety of credit cards and money wallets, create with premium leather.

Three-fold wallet in natural leather. As you may have already anticipated, a quality male wallet is one made of leather. However, not every type of skin is qualitative. Since your wallet will be used daily, you need a long-lasting leather wallet to prolong its life as long as possible.

The way skin is dyed is also important. You can recognize a good quality skin if you can see fine pores. A very fine wallet whose pores cannot be seen is what you should be looking for, you will notice that it will gather in the place where it is bent, and over time it will even be able to exfoliate, but won’t break.

If you want a high-quality leather wallet, go to our store and brose the right wallet for you or for somebody you want to gift it.


How to you recognize a high-quality leather wallet?

A good quality wallet will not have skin just outside. Separation segments should be made of the same type of leather, not other materials such as a textile elastic fabric. At Kreniguk, our wallets are coated with a strong fabric inside, with our logo printed, which makes it long lasting, elegant and versatile.


In the case of a specialized men’s wallet, such as a card, there may also be metal inserts. Make sure it is stainless and that the finish is of good quality and will not change its colour over time. Other wallets have a plastic case covered with leather.